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My partner and I love picking up a couple dozen eggs from Prideland Acres every few months to make some extra delicious dishes. They make our quiche and pumpkin pies even better!
We always have a wonderful experience with great customer service when dealing with Prideland Acres. They answer all our questions and give fantastic advice whenever needed.
I highly recommend working with them. Please support this small business!

Sarah A.

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Amazing experience! I’m new to quail eggs and was provided with a wealth of info. Even egg scissors to properly crack them. Beautifully packaged as well. Please support this small business. #buylocal

Cassie S.

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I started my quail journey with Prideland Acres. They were very quick to respond to my messages and willing to share any information I needed to get started. They met me locally and were on time, even though I was a couple of minutes late due to toddler troubles. The eggs I received were clean and well package. I just had them hatch and it was a huge success. I have 20 new quail chicks and they were a lovely mix of colors. They had no deformities and hatched on day 18 with absolutely no problems. I highly recommend these hatching eggs! I’ll be updating with more pics once they start to feather.

Hannah G.

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